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Sree Vayathur Kaliyar Shivakshethram Ulikkal

ശ്രീ വയത്തൂര്‍ കാലിയാര്‍ ശിവക്ഷേത്രം ഉളിക്കല്‍
 Vayathur Kaliyar Shivakshethram dating back more than 300 years is one of the very famous temples in the Panchayth. Vayathur Kaliyar Temple situated at Vayathur Ulikkal (7 Kilometer from Iritty town Kannur district ) on the Kerala-Karnataka border is a symbol of the bond between two different cultures. The Vayathur river starts in Kodagu and flows through the villages of Parikkalam and Nuchyad. The `Oottulsavam' festival of the Vayathur Kaliyar Temple is in the month of January between the 8th and 27th (main festival 24,25& 26) every year. Since ages the "thakkamae" (God's care taker) has been done by a particular family, the Puggera, in Coorg. The family members should be present in the 'Oottulsavam' and the festival is even related to the people of Coorg and the Gods in Coorg (Kodagu). Eshwara (Shiva) is the father of all of Coorg and will meet Eshwara (Shiva) in this 'Oottulsavam'.

That the temple is traditionally managed by a trust comprising the Malayali and Kodava communities only exemplifies the bond between the people of Kannur and those of Kodagu across the border.

The coming 14-day `Oottu' festival at the temple is yet another annual occasion to strengthen their sense of camaraderie.
The festival attracts a large number of devotees from this part of the state and from Kodagu.

Prasadam' is offered to the devotees during the festival beginning January 8th.

An important part of the festival is the transporting of rice on the backs of bullocks to the temple by members of the families in Kodagu as an offering to Sri Vayathur Kaliyar (Lord Shiva) whom the Kodavas call Bythoorappa (Vayathurappan in this part). The devotees from the neighboring Kodagu will be treated as guests of the temple during the festival.


There are legends that explain the origin of the transportation of rice from Kodagu to the temple on the backs of bullocks.

According to one, Monnaiah Ajjaiah of Kodagu sought the blessings of Bythoorappa when his paddy fields were occupied by Chettimada Chetticha of Kodagu who challenged him to fight it out in a battle. As a result, Chetticha and his men who came to attack Ajjaiah had to flee when they came under attack by an unknown power. Ajjaiah vowed to offer rice to the temple every year, according to the legend.

The place where the temple is situated is also believed to be, according to a temple legend, a place where Arjuna sought penance to please Lord Shiva,


According to the temple authorities, there will be Oottu offerings by devotees from different parts to the temple on different days during the festival.

An important cultural event is `Thudikotti pattu' by the Kodavas at nighttime during January 8-10

This will be followed by dance of Kodava men in their traditional costumes.

The main festival days (January 24,25& 26) will be January 25 when ghee will be brought from different parts of the district for `neyyamritham,' a ritual in which the ghee is smeared on the idol of Sri Vayathur Kaliyar. Thousands of devotees will reach the temple that day.

There will be a feast that day for all the devotees. Variety entertainment and cultural programs will also be organized during the temple festival.

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